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TukTuk Sri Lanka

Tuk Tuk Prices Sri Lanka for tourists

TukTuk Sri Lanka
TukTuk Sri Lanka

If you are tourist in Sri Lanka of course you have to pay more for a transfer with a Tuk Tuk then the local people. But don’t pay to much! If you need a Tuk Tuk in a tourism area then you have to pay about 200 till 400% more than the normal price. You have to negotiate with the driver before you start! Regular price per kilometre is 40LKR one way! If you need also the turn back it must be lower. If the driver is waiting for you, not pay more than 200LKR per hour!

Tuk Tuk Prices Sri Lanka

Tuk Tuk driver in tourist area are not poor! Might the look poor but the most of them are very rich. At the high season a TukTuk driver in a tourism area earn about 3000 till 5000 USD!

Please don’t pay to much. If many tourists pay to much the prices for tourists increasing very fast. We the tourist have also work for our money. Sri Lankan TukTuk driver think, all tourist a very rich.

Especially in special tourism areas the price is very high, for example in Unawatuna or in Mirissa.