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TukTuk Sri Lanka

Tuk Tuk Price Sri Lanka 2015

S100 – All over the world all prices are increasing. But there is a small country in the Indian ocean where the prices are decrease. The country is Sri Lanka.

Sir Lanka got 2015 a new government. The government has decreased the price for the most important thinks people in Sri Lanka need. For rice, dall and petrol. The petrol costs where in 2014 about 180 LKR per liter, now 120 LKR. With the petrol costs the government has also decreased the Tuk Tuk taximeter price in Colombo. In Colombo the price for Tuk Tuks are regulated by the government.

New Tuk Tuk price 2015

The base price for the first kilometre is 50 LKR (also if you drive only 500 meter). Per kilometre over 1 kilometre every kilometre costs 30 LKR.
If you go 11 kilometres: 1 kilometre 50 LKR + 10 kilometre a 30 LKR = 350 LKR Continue reading Tuk Tuk Price Sri Lanka 2015